June 16, 2021

GERSO Webinar

GERSO, Education & Research Society of Ophthalmology, holds a webinar in the optimization of refractive surgery, Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Dr. Detlef Holland serves as the Moderator on Session 1.


Session 1: Excellency in Refractive Corneal Surgery Outcomes

Moderators: Moderators: Detlef Holland (Germany), Eric Rosenberg (USA)

1 – Residual refractive results after Smile, why and how to manage (Sri Ganesh, India)

2 – Corneal biomechanics to identify high-risk Ectasia (Renato Ambrosio, Brazil)

3 – Optimising irregular corneal surface before refractive surgery (Martin Dirisamer, Austria)



Session 2: Refractive Corneal Surgery in challenging situations

Moderators: Ashraf Armia (Egypt), Erik Mertens (Belgium)

1 – DED affecting Refractive Surgery outcomes (Sheri Rowen, USA)

2 – Refractive Corneal Surgery Post Cross-linking CXL (Cosimo Mazzotta, Italy)

3 – Refractive corneal surgery post keratoplasty (Anas Anbari, UK)


You can sign up for the meeting at the GERSO website.