"We engage in clinical research we believe is in the best interest of our patients and advances our scientific knowledge"

Hans Chr. Hoeck

Our Values

As an Academic Research Institution providing our patients with the best treatment options and care is our highest priority. We represent the patients interest and well-being in any medical decision and accomplish these priorities by:

  • Constantly improving our professional skills and scientific knowledge
  • A continued engagement in clinical research within our areas of expertise
  • Presenting and sharing our clinical knowledge and scientific achievements internally and with fellow colleagues at national and international scientific meetings and conferences

The thoughts behind our logo

The Trialcare Logo symbolizes joined committments in the sense of

  • the collaboration between patients, the biopharmaceutical industry and Trialcare to develop more effective and safe treatments for a variety of diseases affecting millions of people;
  • connecting the best people, all with different backgrounds and skills, working together to create a successful outcome within patient care, never compromising patient safety in delivering the highest quality of data for our partners in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry
Three different leaves/water drops, visualized as a dynamic entity, all pointing in the same direction - moving patient care and science forward

Vision & Mission

Trialcare is a next generation Academic Research Institution focused on:

  • Bridging gaps in clinical research for successful and improved outcomes
  • Making new and innovative therapies available to patients in need
mandlig læge og patient

Meet the team behind Trialcare

Visionary leadership and experienced medical specialists and scientists are a central part of our Research Institution.

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